•   Rock Crushing/Drilling
  •   Rock Blasting
  •   Marine Operations
  •   Barge Services
  •   Waste Disposal Pick-up
  •   Snow Clearing and Removal
  •   Road Construction
  •   Building Foundation Pads
  •   Building Demolitions
  •  Gas Bar - Full Service in:         (Inuvik, Aklavik & Tuk)
  •   Heating Fuel Supply
  •  2 Car Wash Stations &              Vacumn
  •  Laundromat (large machines)
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Welcome to Bob’s Welding & Heavy Equipment Ltd.

Rock Crushing

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Bobs Welding & Heavy Equipment Ltd. ® Box 2644, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, X0E-0T0
​Located in Inuvik, NorthWest Territories, Bob's Welding & Heavy Equipment Limited, is a local aboriginal owned company that has been serving in the Beaufort Delta Region for over 30 years since 1979 and became incorporated in 1983. 

Since then, as a family business, our Company has largely expanded and continues to grow to provide our customers with all their needs for any construction and project development.
Bob's Welding is now one of the largest local Businesses in the area. 

We currently specialize in: 
Rock Crushing, Drilling, and Blasting various sizes of Rock for any contraction requirement from Home Driveways to building pads, road construction and aircraft runways.

Our Marine Operations and Trucking Services consisting of Tugs, Barges, Trucks and trailers can handle any delivery in and around the Inuvik Region and surrounding Communities. 

We have all the Resources, Experience and Equipment for Truck Services, Barge Services and to Construct Roads over Land and Ice as well as providing the upkeep maintenance. 

Other services we provide consist of:
Building Foundation Pads & Landscaping
Remediation and Culvert Replacement
Waste Site Management
Water & Vacuum Services
Oxygen & Acetylene Sales
Snow clearing & removal
Coin Operated Car Wash

Our Buildings and Equipment:
Trucks & Trailers, Gravel Trucks
Cats, Loaders, Excavators, Cranes
Rock Drills, Packers
Two Complete Rock Crusher Spreads
(Crushes runway sand to concrete asphalt)
Office Building
Two Large Work and Equipment Storage Garages
Camp Trailers

Our Team:
Our Staff consists of Approximately ten full time employees which are mainly local aboriginal people from Inuvik and the surrounding communities.
With our on-going work projects we are always looking for people.

For more information about road construction in Canada, call us today.