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Rock Crushing and Barge Services

​At Bobs Welding & Heavy Equipment Ltd., we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

During our years in service, we have successfully completed a high level of various types of contract projects from landscaping, up to drilling, blasting and crushing 50,000 metres of rock, barging freight and rock to communities and building roads over land and ice to transport buildings 40 km to new location.

Rock Crushing
Our business is fully equipped for: Drilling, blasting and crushing and various sizes of rock for our projects of paving, building pads, yards driveways, delivery to communities and road construction in Canada. We stock pile different sizes for immediate supply.

Barging transportation on Mackenzie River 
We carry a fleet of Tugs and barges for transportation of Rock, Equipment, vehicles, Buildings, Supplies and anything else required to work sites and the communities along the Mackenzie River.

Construction and Maintenance of Roads
Our company has all the resources and experienced staff to build, repair, and maintain Roads and detours over land and ice to any work or camp sites and communities. We are also experienced with excavating, removing and replacing any size drainage culverts.
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Equipment and Logistics
We have a large fleet of Trucks, Trailers, Cats, loaders, available for any job. We also have excavators, cranes and packers 

Camps ​
We can supply and transport trailer camps to any of your work sites. 

Water and Vacuum Services
Our business has supplied water delivery and vacuum service for many years to our residential clients, businesses, oil and gas camps as well as other contract sites.

Welding Services
Mobile Structural Welding on Tugs, oilfield and barge services 

Oxygen, acetyline and helium agents
Bobs Welding is the supplier of oxygen and acetyline for Inuvik and all the surrounding communities in the western arctic.

Gas Stations (full service)/ Heating Fuel Suppliers
We have full service gas stations located in Inuvik, Tuk and Aklavik.
We also offer heating fuel delivery 

2 Car Wash Bays, Vacumn Cleaner and Laundromat service​

  • Rock Crushing
  • Rock Drilling
  • Rock Blasting
  • Marine Operations
  • Barge Services
  • Waste Site Management
  • Snow Clearing and Removal
  • Road Construction
  • Building Foundation Pads